This page is part of the EPU quickstart, it assumes you have read the EPU overview page.

After this page you will have installed the software necessary to launch EPUs, it assumes you have read the dependencies section and followed any necessary instructions.

cloudinit.d 1.0

Activate the virtualenv discussed in the dependencies section:

$ cd /tmp/epu
$ source bin/activate

Check that the virtualenv is active:

$ which python

Install cloudinit.d 1.0:

$ easy_install cloudinitd==1.0


Next, with the same virtualenv activated, install epumgmt:

$ git clone
$ cd epumgmt
$ git checkout -b R1 previewR1
$ python install

Install Check

Make sure the program installations went well. In a fresh terminal:

$ alias epu="source /tmp/epu/bin/activate && cd /tmp/epu"
$ epu
$ which cloudinitd
$ which epumgmt
$ cloudinitd -h
$ epumgmt -h