Upgrading from Nimbus TP2.1 to TP2.2

Only the accounting records database can be preserved (copy the entire "var/nimbus/WorkspaceAccountingDB/" directory into a new install). The service database must be deleted and re-installed. You need to make sure no VMs are currently running in order to do the upgrade.

You should make a fresh install of everything and work the "etc" directory changes in using 'diff -r'.

Don't worry, it's not bad. It's likely you did not even make any changes to the affected configuration files (see the list below). For all the other ones you can copy in your old files.

  • New file: etc/nimbus/workspace-service/metadata.conf

  • Changed: etc/nimbus/workspace-service/other/main.conflocator.xml

  • Changed: etc/nimbus/workspace-service/other/main.xml

  • Changed: etc/nimbus/workspace-service/other/resource-locator-pilot.xml