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Install VMM KVM Software

There are a few key differences between using Nimbus with Xen and using it with KVM. Here present some notes about Nimbus when using KVM. Detailed instructions are threaded throughout the vmm setup guide. This page give somes tips and reminders that will help the reader follow the remainder of the guide.

If your Linux distribution has a nice guide for initial testing of Xen, it would be good to follow that advice to weed out any major problems using a known and controlled environment.

Sample image (#)

The Nimbus project has a sample KVM image that can be used for testing that KVM, libvirt, and Nimbus are installed correctly. The image is available here

It is a base ubuntu10.10 VM. It runs an SSH server when it boots.

kvmlibvirt commands (#)

When using libvirt on Xen we will often reference the command virsh. virsh takes many commands, but when running with Xen it will always take the option -c 'qemu:///system'

For example:

root # virsh -c 'qemu:///system' list