Warning: This document describes an old release. Check here for the current version.

Request intake

* Summary:

A set of internal modules of the workspace service that govern how creation requests are handled. You can alter the logic entirely with the Creation interface. Or you can perform surgery and just change a small part of the creation process with one of the ten Bind* interfaces.

* Java interfaces:


Source code: service/service/java/source/src/org/globus/workspace/creation/

org.globus.workspace.service.binding.Bind* (ten)

Source code: service/service/java/source/src/org/globus/workspace/service/binding/Bind*

Activated by way of the $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/nimbus/workspace-service/other/main.xml file -- see the "nimbus-rm.creation" Spring bean and all of the "nimbus-rm.service.binding.Bind*" beans.

* Default implementations:


Source code: service/service/java/source/src/org/globus/workspace/creation/defaults/


Source code: service/service/java/source/src/org/globus/workspace/service/binding/defaults/