Warning: This document describes an old release. Check here for the current version.

Nimbus 2.4 Admin Guide

This guide contains configuration information for system administrators working with Nimbus. It provides references to information on procedures typically performed by system administrators, including installing, configuring, deploying, and testing the installation.

It is broken up into these sections:

  • Quickstart - Dependency checks, then set up a Nimbus installation using the default settings and run some tests. Come back and read more about other options and situations later. This is the recommended path to take.

  • Reference - You may be directed into the reference section to learn about some none-default configuration or scenario.

  • Troubleshooting - Search this page for specific error messages and troubleshooting strategies.

  • Upgrading - See what is needed to upgrade to this version from previous Nimbus versions.

Other reading:

  • Cloud Guide - Administrator overview of the configurations necessary to set up installations compatible with the cloud client.