Warning: This document describes an old release. Check here for the current version.

Workspace Group Service

The group service allows a client to manage a set of workspaces that were deployed as a group.

See the main interfaces page for an overview of group requests.

The same operations listed on the service page apply here. The main differences are:

  • The group service will apply the operation to all remaining members of the group.
    This includes WSRF resource destruction.

  • The group service WSRF resources have no resource properties.

As explained in the group overview: if there is an error with an operation on one of the group members, this is noted in a return fault along with all of the successes. There are no error backout semantics (only during factory group-create, which is an all or nothing process). A group operation is simply a shortcut for a regular workspace service operation invoked simultaneously on N workspace EPRs.

The WSDL can be viewed online.