This section discusses different ways to test Nimbus code.

Java test suites (#)

Running the Java test suites is most easily done from directly in an IDE that supports TestNG (IntelliJ IDEA community edition and Eclipse both do). You can navigate to any class file with unit tests or in the special "suites" directory and right-click and "run.

What is nice about doing this "in IDE" is the ability to set breakpoints and use the debugger to fix an issue, figure out how some functionality works, or develop tests in the first place.

From the commandline is possible if necessary, you would need to adjust your classpath and create a TestNG xml file, like this:

<!DOCTYPE suite SYSTEM "https://testng.org/testng-1.0.dtd">
<suite name="my suite" parallel="none">
<test verbose="1" name="n" annotations="JDK">
<class name="org.globus.workspace.testing.suites.basic.BasicSuite"/>

Build and Test (#)

Running the build-and-test acceptance tests is as easy as checking the code out and running:

$ ./tests/bt-nimbus.sh

See the "./tests/README.txt" file there for more details.