* Summary:

An internal module of the workspace service that governs if and how usage information is recorded. It is actually split into two logically separate activities.

The AccountingEventAdapter interface governs how to record usage events.

The AccountingReaderAdapter interface governs how to read usage events. This data is read, for example, if answering a remote query about a clients' usage or if an authorization decision is made on past usage.

An active implementation of either/both is not required.

* Java interfaces:



Source code: service/service/java/source/src/org/globus/workspace/accounting/

Activated by way of the $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/nimbus/workspace-service/other/main.xml file -- see the "nimbus-rm.accounting" Spring bean.

* Default implementations:


Source code: service/service/java/source/src/org/globus/workspace/accounting/impls/dbdefault/