Scheduling/resource management

* Summary:

An internal module of the workspace service that governs when and where the VMs will run.

An active implementation is required.

* Java interface:


Source code: service/service/java/source/src/org/globus/workspace/scheduler/

Activated by way of the $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/nimbus/workspace-service/other/main.xml file -- see the "nimbus-rm.scheduler.Scheduler" Spring bean.

* Default implementation:


Source code: service/service/java/source/src/org/globus/workspace/scheduler/defaults/

* Subcomponents:

The default Scheduler implementation has its own plugin interface called SlotManagement (see org.globus.workspace.scheduler.defaults.SlotManagement) in order to accomodate sharing its base functions but specializing one aspect of it.

Replacement of the SlotManagement implementation is how the resource pool and pilot plugins are enabled and disabled. See these files: $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/nimbus/workspace-service/other/resource-locator*